Laker Zone Information

The Laker Zone Code of Conduct

In my life, I can do anything that:
helps others and myself learn,
keeps others and myself safe,
is helpful to others and myself. 

The Laker Zone is a long-time positive behavior program at Indian Lake Elementary School. Each quarter students who are "in the zone" receive a t-shirt in a special assembly to recognize their achievements in attitude, academics and behavior. Teachers may hand out Laker Zone cards to students who are caught "in the zone." Laker Zone pictures are displayed on the Laker Zone Wall of Fame.

Check out these awesome Laker Zone videos starring your favorite staff members with useful information on how to stay "in the zone!"

Laker Zone Cafeteria Conduct
Laker Zone Restroom Conduct
Laker Zone Respect
Laker Zone Hallway Conduct
Laker Zone Red Tape