2nd Quarter Laker Zone 2022-23

2nd Quarter Laker Zone 2022-23
Posted on 01/10/2023
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Laker Zone Assembly

Let's Be Nice!
The Second Quarter Laker Zone Assembly at ILES focused on remembering the Golden Rule!
The Zone Buster helped students understand this concept with help from 4th grade Student Council members. They squirted toothpaste on a paper plate, then tried to put the paste back in the tube! This activity shows just how hard it is to take back words or actions that hurt others. So the best practice is if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. 
"Kid Chaos" also demonstrated what NOT to do when playing with others.  
The moral of the story is to treat others they way you would want to be treated!

Then the 2nd Quarter Laker Zone winners were announced. They are:

Pre-K- Otto Fout and Carter Fought

Kindergarten- Charleigh Doseck, Rayah Wheeler, Jaxton Fought, Sutton Titus, Paisley Taylor and Sealy Stanley
Laker Zone Assembly

1st Grade- Lanndon Kimbler, Adrien Padgett, Morgan Beair, Gage Downing, Lincoln Groeschel, Lucas Cotterman and Sofia Ferguson

Laker Zone Assembly
2nd Grade- Keylin Klofta, Natalie Stidam, Max Peters, Levi Smith, Alexis Meeker and Rowan Rigsby
Laker Zone Assembly

3rd Grade- Jasiah Burd, Jacob Hangholt, Reed Cascioli, Kenzie Best, Layla Hardesty, Calli Sprague and Alex Shields
Laker Zone Assembly

4th Grade- Abbie Reed, Isaac King, Chase Whitsett, Colton Everhart, Xander Jenkins and Ace Melson
Laker Zone Assembly

Bus: Paisley Howe, Sophia Browning, Isaac Sealscott, Aria Sylvia and Makenna Givens
Laker Zone Assembly

Finally, 4th grader Nikki Bihn and 1st grader Kamron Doty each won the drawing for new bicycle for perfect attendance during the second nine weeks. 

Laker Zone Pledge
In my life I can do anything that...
Helps myself and others learn,
Keeps myself and others safe,
Is helpful to myself and others.