Junior Achievement at ILES

Junior Achievement at ILES
Posted on 10/28/2020
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Junior AchievementJunior Achievement
Indian Lake first graders are thinking about the skills and interests it takes to perform different jobs and run businesses in our community. 
Indian Lake Outfitters owner Brenda Moots represents Logan County Junior Achievement and she has taught JA concepts to Indian Lake Elementary students for the past ten years. In fact, Moots has been doing this since her daughter, Senior Bostyn Moots, was in first grade!!
She presents a five-session unit covering maps, occupations, needs and wants in a community and more. 
Students examine what kinds of jobs they encounter and what kinds of businesses their family uses every day. They also consider entrepreneurship, or what kinds of new businesses or jobs might be needed or desired in our area. 
In addition, the Junior Achievement content covers some specific social studies standards. The lessons are funded through Junior Achievement.