ILES Reopening Plan

ILES Reopening Plan
Posted on 08/14/2020
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Indian Lake Elementary 

ReOpening Plan

As we navigate through these unprecedented and ever changing times, our goal this year is to make school feel as normal and comfortable as possible while also taking extra precautions to help keep everyone safe. We understand the physical, emotional and developmental needs of our children and those needs will always be taken into account with any decision that we make throughout the year. Here are some specific precautions that we are taking during the 2020-21.  Please note however, this plan is subject to change as new developments are made or mandates are given. 

* Masks are now mandatory for all students in grades K-12.  Please send your child with a mask on each day.   We will have masks available for students to wear if they forget or lose their mask throughout the day. Students will not have to wear masks during lunch, outside when they are at recess and during gym activities.  Teachers will plan appropriate mask breaks within their classrooms based on the needs of their students.  During these breaks, students will be socially distanced.  

* All staff will wear masks throughout the day.  There may be instructional times where it is appropriate for staff to wear shields (ex: speech, phonics instruction…) During these times, teachers will be distanced 6 feet away from students.  

* 3rd/4th grade teachers will switch classrooms to teach rather than students. Some Specials classes will also occur within the classroom. 

* Staff will disinfect all desks, tables, restrooms, and other common areas several times throughout the day. For classrooms that are used by a variety of students, surfaces and equipment will be sanitized between each new class. 

* Student desks will be spread out throughout the classroom as much as possible. 

* Any snacks/birthday treats need to be pre-packaged or bought through a store/bakery (nothing from home please). 

Recess will be permitted. Students will be encouraged to spread out throughout the playground area.   Each grade level will have their own barrel of equipment for recess. Equipment will be disinfected on a daily basis. Students will use hand sanitizer before and after playing on the playground.  

* Students will go through the line in groups of 10, but cannot touch anything from the line.  Servers will put milk, fruit, etc. on the tray. 

* Students will sit with homerooms and be spaced out at tables. We will utilize all tables in the cafeteria. There will be assigned seats. 
Students will wear lanyards to the cafeteria each day.  Once they are through the line and seated they will clip their mask onto their lanyard. When lunch is over, they can put their masks back on to return to their classroom.  

* Students will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after each lunch period. 
All tables will be sanitized between each lunch period. 


* Visitors will not be permitted into the school.  This includes volunteers, lunchtime visitors, and parents picking up or dropping their child off.  If parents need something, we ask them to state their need/purpose on the intercom and the secretary will meet them for mid-day child pick-ups/drop offs or item delivery. They may also call into the school office and we can help them with what they need.  

* School supplies can be sent in with students on the first day of school. If not all supplies will fit into their backpack at once, please send them in over a couple of days.  Parents can also drop them off and a staff member will be happy to help get them back to the classroom.  


* Hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout the building and each teacher will have a supply for their classroom.  

* Morning drop off- Students may be dropped off in the morning between 7:30-8:00. Students will go to the gym and sit in homerooms.  They will be dismissed at 7:45 to their classrooms for breakfast. 

* The Library will be closed until further notice. Students will be permitted to take home books to read, but these will be from classroom libraries and only shared by their homeroom.
Religious Education will be cancelled until further notice.