4th Grade Rescue Projects

4th Grade Rescue Projects
Posted on 03/29/2019
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ILES 4th grade gifted students are solving mysteries and rescuing others with their latest project!
Student teams were given a "message in a bottle" from a fictitious family stranded on an island somewhere in the world. From the clues contained in the letter about the flora, fauna, landscape and climate, students had to figure out where the family was located and how their shipwreck ended up there. They also used constellations, ocean current maps, latitude and longitude to figure it all out. 
After several class sessions of fitting the clues together, they presented and explained to other fourth graders their theories of where the families could be found.
ILES gifted instructor Cammie Honaker says the project combined studies of plant life, animals, geography and cartography in a way that was fun and engaging for the students. In an in-depth study of the ocean before being given the bottles, the students also performed experiments related to density and salinity.