ILES Virtual Art Shows

ILES Virtual Art Shows
Posted on 06/02/2020
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WELCOME, students, friends, parents, and community members to the first ever virtual art show.  This show is in place of the Logan County Arts Festival, held annually in April.  We were all disappointed we could not gather to celebrate the many talented artists and musicians we have in our county.  Of course, with just a bit of creativity and with the help of technology, we can still celebrate our students’ hard work and success.


WHOSE ART IS INCLUDED?  Not every students’ work is in the county art show, and likewise, not every students’ art work is in this virtual show.  It is an honor to have your art selected.  I try to only select 2 artworks from each project a class creates.  I also try not to keep selecting the same students who do an exceptional job on every assignment, because I want as many students as possible to be represented.  Of course, this is difficult, I make exceptions to my own guidelines.  Scroll down to see the list below.

WHAT IF MY ART IS NOT INCLUDED?  There are many students who are not included, because there are only a limited number I pick from each project.  It does not mean you did not do a good job.  If you worked hard, did your best, and learned something from each project--that is success!  Keep up your best efforts and keep developing your skills.  Stay positive that your turn will come.  Whether your art is in the show or not, it is interesting to see what everyone has made and support them.

When will we get this artwork back?  Artwork was returned on Pick Up/Drop off day in late May. If you did not pick up your artwork or other school items, please call the ILES Office at 937-686-7323 to schedule a pick up time.

*Be aware there may be fragile clay or oversized art on poster board that need to be handled carefully in the bag of your things you pick up from school.

DON’T FORGET, SUMMER FUN INCLUDES BEING ARTFUL AND CREATIVE!  Keep working on your skills, even when school is not in session.  Creative people are never bored, because they are inventing something interesting to do.


(listed alphabetical by last name)

Charlie Banning, Kdg. C, Austin Ferguson, 2E, Quincey Folk, 2E, Daphne Sanders, Kdg. B, Daniel Whitsett, 1A


(alphabetical by last name)

A group:  split class from all homerooms  Aiden Adams, Addison Bender, Katelyn Berg, Jaxen Black, Knox Boyd, Trace Burchenroth, Reed Cascioli, Jude Churchill, Briella Comer, Sophia Day, Joleena Engler, Stephanie Harford, and Paisley Howe.

F group:  Mrs. McClelland’s homeroom  Mackenzie Best, Lillie Henderson, Kai Lewis, Kyron Monterroza, Jase Moon, Addison Mowery, Henry Reese, Gunner Rogers, Emry Warnecke, and Austin Williams.

E group:  Mrs. Elliott’s homeroom  Alex Guajardo, Alana Harden, Beta Houser, Caleb Masters, Jack McMurray, Arianna Notestine, Kami Schaefer, Layla Sellers, Aris Southard, McKenzie Stidam, and Lincoln Walker.

D group:  Mrs. Barnett’s homeroom  Farrah Hershberger, Jayvin Hill, Aubrey Hoffman, Carlynn McKinney, Lincoln Nielsen, Ben Reed, Alex Shields, Ali Wallace, Amelia Williams, Holly Wolf and Paisley Brenner.

C group:  Mrs. Beam’s homeroom  Destin Clary, Todd Darling, Jason Ellis, Hayden Heppard, Charlotte Jackson, Savannah Larsen, Cheyenne Pender, Aria Sylvia, Kynlee Weiner, and Shelby Williams.

B group:  Mrs. Fout’s homeroom  Parker Evans, Kaylee Hurley, Zayn Kunze, Elissa Overs, Collin Rice, Cammmie Robinson, Vayda Ruth, Melany Simpson, Abby Stinebaugh, Alex Williams, and Baylee Washington. ILES Virtual Art Show 2020 Special Needs & Kindergarten FIRST GRADE ARTISTS

(alphabetical by last name)

1A:  Mrs. Downing’s class  Lillian Clary, Drezdyn Cooley, Evan Davis, Staffer Davis, Colton Everhart, Raya Ferguson, Xandar Jenkins, Mia Martin, Lucas McIntire, Kylee Miller, Eliana Stebleton, Max Wilson

1F:  split group from all classes  Rowan Aydelott, Ty Blackburn, Kemuel Blackwell, JT Book, Lily Burk, Charlie Howell, Ivy Kaser, Crew Michel, Brantley Scheider, Ross Tidwell, Kayla Tracey, Adeline Vermillion, Jase Weaver, Keiara Williams.

1E:  Mrs. Codora’s class  Gabe Anderson, Kenzi Arnett, Mary Baughman, Charlie Bickham, Lila Buscher, Haygin Clem, Ryker DeLong, Kole Gilliam, Rylin Hyde, Isaac King, Hailee Schoenberger, Dallas Warman, Jack Wilson.

1D:  Mrs. Ruhe’s class  Jaxon Butler, Sugar Daisy, Tyler Ferguson, Trey Giger, Brayden Gordon, Caliegh Hamilton-Hoy, Laylah Henry, Eli Kinson, Kiya Lamb, Rose O’Connor, Bella Phillips, Parker Robinson, Kason Taylor, Hayden Thompson, Hudson Titus.

1C:  Mrs. Brademeyer’s class  Nikki Bihn, Brantley Bowers, Holden Downing, Raygen Evans, Azynn Grube, Teagin Hayman, Calin Headings, Laney Hutslar Beck, Carmella Kelly, Kruz Klinker, Breckin Klofta, Logan Kuhlke, Preslie Robers, Kaylyn Warren.

1B:  Mrs. Stockmaster’s class  Bella Bonnacci, Barrett Cary, Conor Ferguson, Ivy Garrison, Lilly Groeschel, Gil Howell, Xaven Kilgore, Aidan Lenard, Abby Phillips, Gabriel Rausch,  Abigail Reed, Ian Schwarz, James Shields, Raelyn Van Horn, Daniel Wagler

ILES Virtual Art Show 2020-1st Grade

(alphabetical by last name)

2A:  Mrs. Asman’s class  David Gansheimer, Karmella Hillery, Kayla Lazo, Mariea Lewis, Zeke McVety, Jaron Nelson, River Nielsen, Kynlee Owens, Zoey Ricketts, Adeline Schulz.

2F:  Split group from all classes  Arianna Augustus, Jeffrey Castle, Miller Hall, Mila Hawkins, Reese Imm, Kaiden Lacher, Aiden Oldiges, Joshua Phillips, Bennett Shaner, Aubre Walton.

2E:  Mrs. Beres’ class  Samantha Altstaetter, Abby Bihn, Fletcher Brown, Piper Burch, Hayden Kuhlke, Jayden Longman, Colt Volbrecht, Stella Wagler.

2D:  Mrs. Abbott’s class  Finn Ammons, Ava Beair, Graham Buchenroth, Addison Headings, Lilly Hunslar-Beck, Aaliyah Kaverman, Kathryn Parmelee, Hayleigh Penix, Jayla VanCourt-Brown, Grady Zielinski.

2C:  Mrs. Power’s class  Abby Arnett, Mason Berg, Jazzy Blackburn, Derek Hawley, Brady Jackson, Teighan Mackesy, Orion McKitrick, Erin Smith, Roman Staley, Carsyn Warnecke, Oliver Wilson, Julie Wolf.

2B:  Mrs. Onyema’s class  Gavin Allen, Alainey Hill, Starr Leonhart, Deborah Moore, Gabe Stewart, Ella Wu.

ILES Virtual Art Show-2nd Grade


(alphabetical by last name)

3A:  Mrs. Scarpella’s class  Wyatt Beair, Jett Harpst, Rush Hurley, Bella Michaels, Jayden Myers, Layna Nessler, Piper Robinson, Tina Wilmoth.

3F:  Mrs. Carder’s class  Adriana Andrus, Kyler Carruthers, Izzy Cole, Lux Kipker, Dash Miller, Jaycob Robinson, Alex Tussing.

3E:  Mrs. Reese’s class Ayla Brentlinger, Graysen DeLong, Zoey Hawley, Tyler Jackson, Sam Johnson, Rae Klofta, Willow McDermit, Allison Overmyer,  Hunter Vance.

3D:  Split group from all classes  Braeden Allenbaugh, Braydon Babb, Trenton Burton, Leah Cole, Abigail Johnson, Arien Meier, Rylie Souder, Karson Williams.

3C:  Mrs. Wolf’s class  Kirk Beres, Olive Butler, Hayden Fent, Laura Metzger, Olivia Ross, Charlie Stimmel, Lucas Taylor, Audree Titus, Evan Wu.

3B:  Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s class  Isaiah Bayless, Makayle Clary, Collin Mackesy, Charlie Nicholl, Jayce Oakley, Karlee Purtee, Emma Taylor, Bentleigh Wells.

ILES Virtual Art Show 2020-3rd Grade


(alphabetical by last name)

4A:  Mrs. LeVan’s class  Chloe Borgerding, Cale Buchenroth, Brezlin Cary, Hailey Davis, Brayden Grumbling, Hayes Henry, Rena Knox, Evelyn Kpabe, Diem Martin, Trevin Martin, Emerson Snapp, Deven Thompson, Kylee Yohey, Donna Zook.

4F:  Miss James’ class  Jesse Carder, Bryce Dawson, Bronx Dickson, Adrienne Hatfield, Lane Hill, Gavin Lanum, Izzi Mackesy, Vivian Marshall, MacKenzie Miller, James Preece, Aaron Rapp, Anara Shroyer, Kinze Walton, Piper Warnecke, Emily Willoughby.

4E:  Mrs. Crockett’s class  Aiden Grant, Kylee Harford, Alivia Kinney, Lane Kipker, Maddi Leiss-Breakey, Ava Polhamus, Brayden Riffell, Kyra Sanders, Cali Schellenbaum, Cash Scott, Hunter Stewart, Layla Stone, Reed Strayer, Braden Tussing, Grant Wickline, Heidi Wolf.

4D:  Mrs. Coughlin’s class  Ella Campbell, Madison Davis, Jace Ellis, Alyson Hamilton, Jordan Henderson, Lilly Hines, Lilly Martin, Karis Martini, Chase Polhamus, JJ Shirk.

4C:  Mrs. Salmon’s class  Mitchell Babb, Colton Burden, Payton Davis, Scarlett Dean, Neva Hines, Jazzy Lattimer, Gwyn Martin, Ava Phillips, Kazz Shepherd, Gunner Strickland.

ILES Virtual Art Show 2020-4th Grade

Who is your favorite super hero? Our ILES art students made up their own super heroes as part of a recent at-home art assignment. Check out all the awesome ideas they came up with in this virtual art show!

ILES Super Heroes Virtual Art Show

While at home these past several weeks, our Indian Lake Elementary students have created some fantastic artwork. One assignment was to draw a wetland creature, in keeping with our Artist in Residence study of the ILES wetland. Check out this album featuring a menagerie of animals that you can find right behind our school!

ILES Wetland Creatures Virtual Art Show

The creativity of our kiddos is awesome!! Check out this album of at-home artwork that ILES students have submitted over the past weeks. From mask-making to window painting, let your imagination run wild!

Mrs. Nelson has a word of gratitude and encouragement!

"Thanks to all the students and parents for working so hard on their Specials Choice Board #1. The wetlands creature and superhero were assigned in March and due already, but some are still coming in from teachers and parents! Keep them coming!"
We will show you the wetland creatures and heroes in another post soon!
Choice Boards #2 were assigned in April and results will be posted in May.

*IMPORTANT: All completed specials choice boards need to be initialed by parents/guardians and turned back in. If students do not have any work turned in for March and April, they may not get an “S” for satisfactory on their report cards for all specials. Please send pictures to Mrs. Nelson at, if you want credit for your hard work!

At-Home Art Show 2020