Say Hello to Bruno!

Say Hello to Bruno!
Posted on 09/05/2019
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Indian Lake Elementary students are saying 'hello' to Bruno, the new Washington Township Police dog. 
K-9 Officer Michael Thompson brought the German Shepherd to school recently to educate the kids on the job they do together. 
Officer Thompson says Bruno loves his work, "To him, it's playing and he likes that. Sometimes we get home and I have to force him to get out of the car because he doesn't want to quit."
During the visit, students got a special chance to pet Bruno and ask questions about his background and purpose.
Washington Township Police acquired the specially-trained canine after raising nearly $70,000 over the past year. Bruno was born in Czechoslovakia and was schooled in Germany. He understands commands in the Czech language. 
Officer Thompson says since his arrival in this summer, Bruno has assisted on more than thirty local deployments to sniff out illegal substances, like drugs, and search for people. But, as many students asked, Officer Thompson says the dog has not bitten anyone. The pair go to training every two weeks at this time to keep their skills sharp. 
Officer Thompson explained that Bruno not only works with him, but also lives with him at home. The dog eats special dog food, along with yogurt and meats. He also takes sinus medication everyday to keep his nose in prime condition. 
The duo are on duty every day during school hours, but Officer Thompson did caution the kids to ask before approaching Bruno.
"Sometimes he's working and sometimes he's not. After today, just ask me."