2nd Quarter Laker Zone Winners

2nd Quarter Laker Zone Winners
Posted on 01/18/2018
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Remembering to "Walk this Way" was the focus of the Second Quarter Laker Zone Assembly teaching good hallway behavior. The "Zone Busters" were back to remind students how to face forward, keep their hands to themselves and be helpful while making their way from one location to another in the school building.  Check out their latest video at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MwkKEhGQHu_6KBmQHuAaJqrtBGHlXzke/view?ts=5a5fa2c1

The Laker Zone is a long-time grant program that encourages students to help others, resist bullying and be hard workers in the classroom. One person per class was awarded a Laker Zone shirt for being "in the zone" for the second 9 weeks. 

Students receiving t-shirts are:

Laker Zone Kindergarten Winners
Kindergarten-Julie Wolf, Elii Petty, Kaiden Lacher, Lucy Kirkpatrick, Miller Hall, Hayden Kuhle and Wade Seeley

First Grade Laker Zone Winners
1st Grade-Brielinn Miller, Hosanna Brooks, Wyatt Beair, Tucker Downing, Ellie Babb, Karlee Purtee and Lux Kipker

Second Grade Laker Zone Winners

2nd Grade-Kyra Sanders, Carlee Compton, Landon Stinemetz, Lilly Martin, Reed Strayer, Bryce Dawson and Carter Grube

3rd Grade Laker Zone Winners
3rd Grade- Holden Wallace, Aurora Skryabina Goslee, Alyssa Gammon, Jade Neeley-Anderson, Makayla Hurley, Sarah Mohler and Josh Gilbert

4th Grade Laker Zone Winners
4th Grade- Addison Beck, Reagan Rash, Jack Cooper, Kadin Howard, Abby Hangholt, Stephanie Hunkler, Christopher Timms, Kaylee Turner (Oglesbee) and Xavier Schwer

Bus Laker Zone Winners
Bus- Dawson Kohler, Colin Seymour, Lucy Buscher, Ella Campbell, Kandilynn Wilson, Bryce Mohler and Payton Harris

150 students were also recognized for perfect attendance the second 9 weeks of school. Two lucky students, Kindergartener Caroline Jones and 2nd grader Brayden Riffell won bicycles. 
Perfect Attendance Bike WinnerPerfect Attendance Bike Winner