Power Up 4 Fitness

Power Up 4 Fitness
Posted on 09/11/2019
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Power up 4 FitnessPower Up 4 FitnessPower Up 4 Fitness

With severe lung illnesses being diagnosed across the country, ILES 4th graders are learning reasons to avoid vaping and other unhealthy habits.
The Mary Rutan Hospital Power Up 4 Fitness Team recently presented information on positive ways to live, including the importance of heart health and the risks of using tobacco products. 
Respiratory Therapist Brooxie Crouch unveiled a pair of healthy pig lungs and a pair of lungs damaged from smoking. After detailing the harm smoking can do, leaving tar in the lungs and often leading to lung diseases or cancer, Crouch moved on to vaping. 
The Ohio Department of Health recently warned of several mystery vaping illnesses that have hospitalized users with infections similar to pneumonia and fibrosis. Despite the scare, Crouch said vaping is on the rise with teens ages 12-19.
"I explained that those are harmful chemicals going into your body. Vaping warms those liquids up and how do think that feels when it enters your lungs? Like it burns them," Crouch said. 
Wellness Coordinator Katey Butler explained how to keep your heart pumping properly by making healthy food choices. She also showed students what a healthy pig heart looks like, as it resembles a human heart. 
Registered Nurse Deb Orr led groups in relay races of "roll the dice" jump rope and games of "kick the can" in the pod. Orr encouraged fourth graders to make memories with friends by being active instead of sitting on their phones all the time. 
Finally, 4th graders got Power Up 4 Fitness cinch sacks full of resources to take home.